Historic toys from the collection of Milada Kollárová

Historic toys from the collection of Milada Kollárová

The permanent exhibition of historic toys from the collection of Milada Kollárová.

The Měnín Gate, once a part of the town fortification, plays a new role today; it opens it’s doors to young and older visitors. It invites the adults into a world of kind childhood memories and tells children about the toys their parents and grandparents used to play with.
After the successful, jointly organised exhibition at the Špilberk Castle (17 May 2007 – 27 January 2008) called A view into the exposition: Toys never get old, Brno City Museum kindly enabled Milada Kollárová to use the space of the Měnín Gate for the exposition of historic toys. It was opened in October 2010, and the collector would like to cordially invite everybody:

Dear all,

At the exhibition of historic toys from my collection you will be able to take a look into the world of toys of many generations. This way, I have been trying to illustrate a part of our cultural heritage.

I have always been interested in toys all my life. I graduated from an art and design academy where I specialized in art industry (also toys). For a short time I worked as a designer of textile toys but I never thought I would be collecting them one day. There has always been something that attracted me to old toys so I used to own a few but these were nothing more than nice decorations. I started collecting moving toys from different materials and different parts of the world. Over time I have come across interesting dolls, doll furniture, teddy bears, cars and games, and also photos of children with toys and postcards which probably best illustrate the times when the toys were created.  

Gradually, a small hobby became a big one and collecting toys turned into a great adventure that never ends. I will be very happy if you find the exposition pleasant and I hope it will show children how sometimes similar and often totally different toys and games guided the childhoods of their parents and grandparents. It will definitely bring back lovely memories to those born some time ago as the joy and happiness the toys used to give to children at their time are still stored safely today. 

Milada Kollárová

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